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Keamanan dan Privasi

Written by datengdong · May 27, 2022 · 2 minute read


Every sensitive data is transmitted using the SSL 256 bit encryption level, one of the safest encryption standards. The entirety of your data will be encrypted and saved in our data server and station. Datengdong had also obtained verification from Google Trust Services LLC with the cipher suite AES-256. However, just like any other system, safety is the responsibility of the user and provider. Please use strong passwords and do not disclose it with anybody else.

Data Center

Datengdong is hosted at Singapore in order to provide the best safety procedure as well as being well adjusted to the meticulous standards and regulations.

Back-up dan Review

Our data station is backed-up automatically, so you don’t have to worry about losing data. We also review the server, data station and the application in every quarter so that every finding can be followed up immediately.

Account Information

All of your sensitive data including your billing is secured and encrypted with the best safety standard. Datengdong and every team member cannot access the information that you’ve entered or uploaded. We have a very safe internal procedure that will prevent employees or other administrators from reaching your account. Datengdong also documents and inspect your account’s history periodically to make sure that everything’s safe.


We improve our products and advertising by using other service to see how you use our website. By using our site, you agree that we and other service can collect and use this data.

We partner with Google and Microsoft to capture how you use and interact with our website through behavioral metrics, heatmaps, and session replay to improve and market our products/services. Website usage data is captured using first and third-party cookies and other tracking technologies to determine the popularity of products/services and online activity. Additionally, we use this information for site optimization, fraud/security purposes, and advertising. For more information about how Microsoft collects and uses your data, visit the Microsoft Privacy Statement.

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